La colección de libros aquí presentes están en general en español, aunque hay algunos en inglés. Cuando el idioma sea inglés será indicado. Pongo el título y la descripción de los libros en inglés, pero no tiene por qué estar el libro en inglés. Si hay alguna duda, contactad conmigo por facebook. Quien no entienda español puede usar la lista de libros para buscarlos él mismo.


The collection of books here are in general in spanish, although there are some in english. When the language is english, it will be said. I put the title and description of the books in english, but the books doesn't have to be in english. If any doubt, contact with me through facebook. Who do not understand spanish can use this booklist to look for them by himself.

Classical Mythology

Greek and roman mythology

Recopilation of some books of Hesiod. In Theogony you can read the genealogy of the gods.

Tells the War of Troy.

Tells the journey of Odysseus or Ulysses from Troy to his home Ithaca.

Tells the history of the world from the creation till the deification of Julius Caesar, using mythology.

Tells the tales from the end of the War of Troy till the foundation of Rome.

European Mythology

Celtic and irish mythology

Collection of welsh tales.

Collection of celtic myths and legends. It includes the famous hero Cuchulainn.

The love tale of Tristan and Isolde.

Germanic and nordic mythology

Poems that tell the scandinavian myths and legends. You can't read this file online, you must download it (I don't know why).

In narrative form, text that tells scandinavian tales.

Compilation of the two Edda.

Epic poem that tells the tale of the hero Beowulf, who kills Grendel.

Compilation of the poem Beowulf and other anglo-saxon poems.

This is a book where the master Tolkien wrote trying to imitate the writting style of the old scandinavian poems. Very interesting, and tells a tale that appear in the Poetic Edda.

Finnish mythology

Epic poem compiled in the XIX century.

Slavic mythology

Old Peter's Russian Tales - Arthur Ransome (english)

Compilation of russian traditional tales.

Popular russian tales - Aleksandr Nikolaevich Afanasev

Compilation of russian traditional tales.

Romanesque mythology

Tells the tale of Don Quijote, who goes crazy with the cavalry books.

Poem that tells the heroic acts of Rodrigo Díaz el Campeador.

Epic poem based in the Battle of Roncevaux

Compilation of tales mostly written in verse.

Poem stylled as an alegorical dream vision. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it full in spanish nor in english.

Tells the journey of Dante through the Inferno, the Purgatory and the Paradise.

Philosophical essay composed by Dante after his exile.

A poem where is expressed the medieval genre of courtly love.

Arthurian mythology

Lancelot-Grail (Vulgate)
Serie of five volumes where is told the tale of King Arthur. It is the best source. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it full, nor in spanish or english. It was a hard search... but I didn't find them.
The other volumes are Volume III - Lancelot proper and Volume V - Death of Arthur.
Volume I is about Joseph of Arimathea and his son Josephus bringing the Grail to Britain.
Volume II is about Merlin and the early history of Arthur.
Volume III is about the adventures of the Knights of the Round Table and the love between Lancelot and Guinevere.
Volume IV is about the Grail Quest and its completion by Galahad.
Volume V is about the death of Arthur by Mordred and the fall of the kingdom.

A little explanation about Lancelot.

Tells about Ginevere.

Individual poems that tell the tales of characters of the arthurian mythology as the Knights of the Round Table, Merlin, Ginevere...

This book, inspired in the Vulgate, tells the death of Arthur and the fall of the kingdom. I just could find the Volume I in spanish, but I have too both volumes in english.

I couldn't find this book full in spanish nor in english. It would be very interesting to read.

It describes the challenge between Sir Gawain and the mysterious Green Knight.

Tells the tale of the knight Parzival on his search for the Holy Grail.

First book of the Arthur serie of books of this contemporany autor.

Egyptian and African Mythology

Egyptian mythology

Collection of ancient egyptian religious texts from the time of the Old Kingdom.

Ancient egyptian funerary text used in the New Kingdom.

African mythology

Compilation of things about the african mythology.

Asian Mythology

Mesopotamian mythology

Babylonian poem that tells the origin of the world.

Hymn to the goddess Ishtar.

It tells the legend of Gilgamesh.

Middle East mythology

It tells the persian history and mythology from the creation of the world till the conquest by the islamics.

Collection of sacred texts from the ancient Persia.

Collection of tales.

Ancient persian love tale.

Indian mythology

Collection of history, genealogies, traditions, myths, legends, and religion.

Very long epic-mythological indian text. It is the second largest text of the world.

Buddhist sacred scripture.

Important indian sacred text. It is included in the Mahabharata.

A buddhist poem.
Chinese mythology

Collection of texts describing the social forms, administration, and ceremonial rites of the Zhou dynasty.

Up there are two different books but I think that one is fragment of other. Fundamental text for both philosophical and religious Taoism.

Ancient chinese text which contains stories and anecdotes that exemplify the carefree nature of the ideal Daoist sage.

This book speaks about the mythological tales. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it in spanish nor in english, but I saw it a lot in online stores, and it's famous so can be easily bought.

Japanese mythology

Collection of myths concerning the origin of the four home islands of Japan, and the Kami. 

It begins with the Japanese creation myth, explaining the origin of the world and the first seven generations of divine beings (starting with Kunitokotachi), and goes on with a number of myths as does the Kojiki, but continues its account through to events of the VIII century.

Buddhist sacred scripture.

Collection of poems. Unfortunately, I couldn't find it in english nor spanish.

Tells the tale of a popular hero of the japanese folklore.

The Golden Boy is a popular hero of the japanese folklore.

Tibetan mythology

Epic cycle that relates the heroic deeds of the culture hero Gesar, the fearless lord of the legendary kingdom of Ling. It is the largest text of the world. Unfortunately, I didn't find a pdf file, but I found a page where you can read it.

Oceanic Mythology

Oceanic mythology

Compilation of oceanic tales.

Australian aboriginal mythology

Compilation of the history, the cosmogenesis, the cosmology and the ontology of the australian aboriginal culture.

Compilation of legends and myths of the australian aboriginal.

Maori mythology

Compilation of maori religion and mythology.

Compilation of some maori tales.

American Mythology

Northamerican mythology

Compilation of texts about the culture, tales and deities.

Compilation of the myth of Hiawatha and other oral legends, mythologic and allegoric, of the north american indians.

Compilation of legends of the inuit, the natives of Alaska, Canada...

Compilation of legends of the inuit, the natives of Alaska, Canada...

Mesoamerican mythology

Book about the mayan culture and mythology.

Book about the aztec culture and mythology.

Contemporany book about the aztec Feathered Serpent god.

Southamerican mythology

Compilation of texts about the andean religious tradition.

The history of the incas told through ancient myths and legends.


Collection of texts sacred in Judaism and Christianity.


Compilation of tales and legends of the First Age and the Second Age.

A book that tells other tales about Middle-earth.

The tale of the hobbit Bilbo Baggins who goes in an unexpected adventure.

Trilogy that tells the legend of the One Ring that Frodo has to destroy in the Mount Doom. The Appendices tell other stories about Middle-earth.

Tells the tale of Túrin Turambar, son of Húrin, of the First Age.

A quick summary of the history of Middle-earth through the Four Ages.

A very complete atlas that speaks about all the Tolkien universe.

A book about tengwar, the characters of the elven language.

A dictionary. Simple as that.

A very good webpage where you can read the text lyrics that are singed in the Lord of the Rings soundtrack. They are in elvish, khuzdul...


Bram Stoker inspired himself by Vlad Tepes to create the great Dracula the vampire. Vampires are part of the slavic mythology.

Yes, I know, this is not exactly mythology, but for me it is an heroic tale and a legend. I love this book a lot and I love the character of Arthas. You must read this book.

The tale of the Swan Lake. I don't know from where exactly it comes but the sources I searched... well... didn't find nothing...

The tale of this soldier toy.

Compilation of summaries about the different cosmogenesis and theogonies.

Compilation of different legends and tales.

Just another compilation.

Dramatic poem.that tells the story of Peer Gynt.

These texts were written by Wagner for his operas.