The End

This page as it was all this time won't exist anymore.
I won't publish more commentaries. I won't publish more mythological tales. I need a change, I have been like 1 year doing the same everyday, I have worked very hard. I now have a book of +300 pages compilating the commentaries, in spanish and in english. I also have a little book of 75 pages about the tales, in english and spanish too. So, it's enough. Well, you know, this can't be forever, because I'm human, and can change... but it was nice while it was. I hope you have learnt a lot with this page. But this is not over yet.
This page will continue but with other kind of content.
The most important page talking about this one now is Researches. There I will continue doing long posts about topics I want to research.
History of Art videoseries. The series of the history of art I was doing, will also continue, but it will be developed with time, along my university career. I can say it will take 3-4 years to complete all the videos there, so, no hurry.
Pdfs/power points of History of Art (only spanish). That will also continue in the same way as the videoseries.

That is all. You are free to leave or to stay. But think that you won't get the same content you got in the past... and with the same periodicity. I will post now here when I want, when I feel I have to do something.
Anyway, I am open for doubts. If you have any doubt about an artwork/period/whatever, you can send me a message here, or leave a comment, and I will answer, even, I can do a post about that. It is not a bad idea.
About the sidepages, all will be down except Space Art and History of Music. I will post more info about that in these pages, and an announce here too, later.
Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoyed this great journey, that although different now, is not over.