Battle of Helm’s Deep

The Battle of Helm’s Deep

            This tale belongs to the Legendarium of JRR Tolkien.
          The Battle of Helm’s Deep, or the Battle of the Hornburg, is a battle during the War of the Ring, between the 3rd and 4th of March 3019 of the Third Age. In this battle the men of Rohan faced against the armies of Isengard. Also were participating several members of the Fellowship and the huorns. The version told here is the one in the book.
Faced with the threat of Isengard, the men of Rohan took refuge in Helm's Deep. The men that were able to defend the fortress went there, while the vast majority of the population went to Dunharrow. They had about 2,000 soldiers. Isengard forces were composed of 10,000 enemies, including orcs, halforcs, wargs, dunlendings and uruk-hai. Their goal was to completely annihilate the people of Rohan, to leave Gondor without allies for Sauron to attack them. At Helm's Deep were Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Théoden, Éomer, Háma, Gamelin, among others. Gandalf left, nobody knew for what at first but he had gone for Enkenbrand to join forces: the Rohan men dispersed, especially the Westfold ones and the survivors of the Battle of the Fords of Isen. Something curious is that in front of the fortress, where before there was a plain, now there was a forest.

Isengard forces managed to breach the wall and destroy the main gate of the Hornburg, and so entered the fortress. All seemed lost, because too, the forces of Isengard were far outnumbered compared with the forces of the rohirrim. I should name the attack to Aglarond, or the Glittering Caves, where Gimli was a great help to the survival of civilian refugees there. Théoden and the Royal Guard were inside the Hornburg, and when the uruk-hai destroyed the gate, rode with Aragorn between them, to die honorably.
But it was not so, as Gandalf the White arrived on time with Erkenbrand and an army of 2,000 rohirrims to help the men of Helm's Deep. The enemy began to flee towards the mysterious forest that appeared near the fortress, which was a huorns forest, beings half-ents and half-trees, who massacred the orcs. The destruction of Isengard forces was practically total, although many rohirrims perished too. It was a victory for the Free Peoples. After the defeat of Isengard, Sauron declared open war on all Middle-earth.